What is CIC?

Coal Industry Coin – (CIC) it is a Cryptocurrency with its decentralised ledger, Safeguard by Physical assets of Coal Mining Sites, Driven by Decentralised Blockchain

CIC: CIC is successful lending platform, offers staking benefits and works as payment system

What is goal of ICO?

An ICO is way to offer CIC Coins to early investors to possess CIC coins. Buying CIC coin at the best price enables investors to optimize investment with its complete potential.

CIC : Coal Industry Coin is first BLOCKCHAIN for Global Coal Industry.

What is the supply of CIC?

CIC Supply is limited to 15.000.000

CIC ICOIncludes all bonuses

How to buy CIC at ICO?

There are 3 steps that you must follow to buy CIC during ICO
Step 1 : Make registration at coalcoin.io
Step 2 : Deposit BTC or ETH into ESCROW wallet on coalcoin.io
Step 3 : Click on Buy CIC button.

User will be ableto buy CIC at price fixed for respective phases.

What is minimum funding at ICO?

Minimum investment starts from $50

Usercan fund via BTC/ETH in to Escrow wallet.

What type of payment is accepted during the ICO ?

We accept Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)

User will get UUWAUnique user wallet address for every deposit.

What is rate of CIC during ICO?

CIC rate will be depending on phases.

Phase 1 starts with$ 0.5 at every phase rate will increase by $ 0.1 ICO Starts with 0.5 $ and Ends with 1.1 $.

Is there any Extra Bonuses for ICO?

Yes, Extra bonuses available for limited phase only.

Let us specify it for you:Phase 1 has 20% Bonus, Phase 2 has 15 % Bonus, Phase 3 has 10% Bonus, and Phase 4 has 5% Bonus.

Can I have more than one account on same computer?

The answer is definitely yes

You can use differentaccounts on the same device/computer to sign up in coalcoin.io However you should be careful when you share your computer/device with other people

Can I change my sponsor?

No, you cannot change your sponsor.

sponsoris set while filling up registration form

Is there any referral programme for ICO?

Yes,ICO have referral programme

You can get 6 Level affiliate bonuses.Level 1 : 10%, Level 2 : 4%, Level 3 : 3%, Level 4 : 2%, Level 5 : 1%, Level 6 : 0.5%

Can I withdraw my CIC Refer bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw your refer bonus from very first day of ICO.

Base ratefor withdrawal is $ 0.5.

Any charges to withdraw Refer bonus during ICO?

Its Free.

Yes,you dont have to pay any transaction or miners fees to withdraw refer bonuses.

What is Minimum amount can I withdraw?

Minimum Amount user can withdraw is 50 CIC

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What will the price on exchanges after the ICO?

Primary market or internal CIC Exchange will start as ICO ends. We expect huge demand for lending and staking investment portfolio.

Hencewe expect the trading price to rise steadily. Secondary or external exchanges create another hike on the markets which are not controlled by coalcoin.

Can I contact with CIC directly ?

Yes, CIC offers additional customer services to individuals investing over USD $10,000.

Please contactour senior investment advisors from team at investordesk@coalcoin.io and we will get in touch with you

Can I work for CIC ?

Thanks for your interest. We really appreciate your decision.

For more infocontact our help desk.

What can I do with CIC ?

User can purchase CIC at ICO have following earning opportunities

User have complete control over personal holding of CIC.


Tier BONUS is exclusive,Limited Bonus offered after ICO which depends on TIER Status
TIER Volume is dynamic value which will be calculated according to CIC coins bought during ICO.User can get additional info at DASHBOARD

Two Types of TIER : TIER 1 & TIER 2
Tier 1 : User who hold 100 CIC to 1000 CIC
Tier 2 : User who hold 1001+ CIC
User will get Extra 10% CIC as ICO ends

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